1 Gbps Offshore Linux VPS and Windows RDP VPS for Developers

  • KVM Virtualization  
  • 1 Gbps Port  
  • Offshore location (Netherlands)  
  • DMCA Ignored  
  • Freedom of Speech  
  • Privacy Protection  

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Netherlands Offshore 1 Gbps SSD Linux VPS / Windows RDP hosting


Intel Xeon E5

2 virtual CPU core

6 GB 100GB SSD

20 TB on 1 Gbps **

200 Mbit Unmetered

$19.99 Order Now !

Intel Xeon E5

3 virtual CPU core

9 GB 150GB SSD

20 TB on 1 Gbps **

200 Mbit Unmetered

$29.99 Order Now !

Intel Xeon E5

4 virtual CPU core

12 GB 200GB SSD

20 TB on 1 Gbps **

200 Mbit Unmetered

$39.99 Order Now !

Intel Xeon E5

5 virtual CPU core

15 GB 250GB SSD

20 TB on 1 Gbps **

200 Mbit Unmetered

$49.99 Order Now !

High Performance SSD Cloud

Accelerate your applications today!

Our High-Performance SSD Cloud nodes are based on the latest Intel Xeon E3-series CPU's and DDR4 RAM memory, giving them plenty of horsepower to run even the most demanding applications.

Unlike many public clouds that rely on older rotating disk technology which creates significant storage bottlenecks, our 100% SSD-Powered locally attached storage will keep your VPS server running at optimal performance.

Special Features

We use only the industry's latest and best technology.

VPS Control Panel

Our VPS are built using the industry-leading Virtualizor Control panel, giving you the features you need.

Lightning-Fast Network

Our cloud nodes are connected to our network at Gig-E or 10Gig-E speeds, ensuring high performance.

Friendly Technical Support

Though our services are unmanaged, we are always here to assist you, in case of any technical issue.

Lots of OS Templates

Choose from various Linux and Windows OS for Server and Desktop, allowing you to get started quickly.

All of Our Virtual Servers includes

Basic DDoS Protection

All vps now include basic DDoS protection, abselutely free of cost.

VNC Remote KVM Console

All vps include remote access via our VNC console, giving you full control.

Full Admin/root access

Whether Linux or Windows VPS, it comes with full admin/root access.

99.9 % Uptime

With our fast network and latest hardware, we offer 99.9% uptime !

Instant Server Setup

Your VPS will be set up instantly and delivered within few minutes.

Affordable Addons

We offer cPanel license at $15/m and additional IP $2/m only !

Upgrades and Addons

All of our VPS servers comes with easy and fast upgrades/addons at affordable pricing.

Feature License Type Applicable OS Price

aaPanel Control Panel
for websites management

Free Version

CentOS / RedHat / Ubuntu / Debian


Extra IP Address (IPv4)

max limit : 4 IPv4




Extra Bandwidth

in blocks of 25TB

multiple of 25TB


$25 per 25 TB


Firki Features

Why should you choose Firki?

True offshore

We have own servers located in multiple datacenters inside best offshore location - The Netherlands.

  • True Offshore location
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Privacy protection

Affordable pricing

We deliver you the best performing server at most affordable pricing. Get excellent performance for lesser bucks.

  • Best possible Pricing
  • 3 Days moneyback policy
  • Better performance to cost ratio

Easy Server Management

Whether you go for a vps or bare metal dedicated server, you can manage it easily from your client area..

  • Boot/Reboot/Shutdown yourself
  • Reinstall OS from client area
  • view bandwidth usage

Top Tier Network.

Take advantage of our super-fast, high capacity network, which connects your server to the Internet at lightning speeds.

  • Multiple 10Gbps Fiber Uplinks
  • Basic DDoS Protection Included
  • Gig-E Port Standard on Every Server

Customized Support.

Whether you prefer a self-managed server or require full server management, we've got you covered.

  • IPMI Remote KVM Console Standard
  • Real-Time Bandwidth Usage Graphs
  • Friendly Tech Support to assist you

High Speed Servers.

Why settle for an old, out-dated server? At Firki, we offer the latest hardware at a price you can afford.

  • Single or Dual Intel Xeon CPU's
  • Configurations up to 256GB RAM
  • SSD or Hard Disk - The Choice is Yours

Customer Testimonials

Not sure if Firki is right for you? Check out what our clients have to say.

I don't normally post stuff like this, but I wanted to let other people know who are looking for a hosting company. The communication I've had with Firki has been excellent. They are both friendly and excellent technically.

Brian - Developer / CEO

We've had our dedicated server coming up on 1 year now and the uptime has been 100% - the network performance is solid and we've had zero issues with our server. Affordable and solid is not something you find every day in hosting.

Steve - Web Designer

Try Our Services Risk Free !

3 Days (No Questions Asked) Moneyback Guarantee !

Feel free to try our services risk free. We offer unconditional (No Questions Asked) Moneyback Guarantee if service is cancelled within 3 days of activation.

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